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Must-See Destinations During a Black Sea Tour in Romania

Black Sea tour

The Black Sea is a beautiful region where the cultures of Europe, the Caucasus, and Asia all merge. It’s fed by some of the world’s most well-known rivers and home to millions of people in the major cities that dot the coastline. For some of the most impressive locations and attractions along the sea, the Romanian region stands above the rest.

Why Romania

Romania has a long history, and the culture of the country is filled with traditions and sites that are awe-inspiring. The nation as a whole has over 20 million residents that fill the mountains and valleys between the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River which empties into the Black Sea. The modern economy has been on the upswing and is one of the fastest growing in the European Union, making the revitalized area even more promising and exciting to visit.

Knowing the direction the nation is headed has helped boost local services. Also when the coast offers more than 250 kilometers of pristine beaches, it’s no wonder that people have begun flocking to the region to relax and have fun.

Dotting the shores are some of the world’s most beautiful resorts, which often take their names from Greek mythology. For example, the character and views from the Olimp, Venus, Neptun, Jupiter, and other resorts prove they are some of the most fabulous beaches on Earth.

What to See Along the Sea

While it would be easy to just stay at one of those elegant resorts and relax on the beach for an entire vacation, that would mean missing out on the unique sites and locations that sit along the coast.


One of the most engaging and historical points of interest in Romania is the city of Constanta. While there is plenty of nightlife, restaurants and white sand, Constanta also boasts the pleasure of being home to the Casino. The Casino was built in 1910 to serve as a symbol of the city. During the Second World War, the impressive building was used as a hospital to treat the soldiers wounded in the region. Afterward, it served as a restaurant. Currently shuttered because of the high costs to operate the building, it sits quietly and gracefully as a backdrop to the city.

For more historical background, the city supports two wonderful museums, the National History and Archaeology Museum, as well as the Romanian Navy Museum. Taking in the history of the country while visiting Constanta is a great starting point to be fully informed of the traditions and past of the nation.

Also, what better for a coastal visit than a chance to see the history of the people’s navy and how it evolved over the centuries along the Black Sea.

Ovidiu Island

Ovidiu Island is a small island located a short distance from the Mamaia Resort. The resort provides tourists with the transportation to reach the island. Ovidiu was named after the Roman poet, Ovid, whose works include ‘Tristia’ and ‘Pontic.' These writings may have been about people located in this region.

Locals believe that Ovid spent time on the island during his exile from Rome starting around the year 8 CE, and used the peace and serenity of the island to continue writing his lyrics.

The Danube Delta

Near the northern border, along the coast, is where the Danube River empties into the Black Sea. The Danube Delta offers spectacular tours for viewing wildlife, as well as traversing the many channels and streams that fan out across the region.

Setting out on the water here is almost like slipping into the Amazon river, surrounded by marshes and vegetation that feel jungle-like. Whether exploring by a relaxing river cruise, or by paddling out in a personal kayak, this area adds a bit of adventure to any Romanian vacation.


Another coastal resort that offers unique advantages is Mangalia. This is where the beach is backed by a high cliff overlooking the sea. The city has many therapeutic spas, which people flock to for relief from various ailments. Along with the medicinal advantages of the baths in the region, there are ancient historical structures that are still surviving today. The archaeological vestiges of the Byzantine Edifice, a monument created 500 to 600 years BCE, have been protected by the President Hotel where it resides.

There are so many reasons to visit the Black Sea coast, with every area providing something unique for the guests. Thus, it can be tough to choose what to see. One of the easiest ways to get from the airport to your destination, and to be able to see all the areas you would like to visit, is to hire a chauffeur for the trip.

Traveling the roads can be difficult on your own, so factoring this aspect into the journey can save time and allow you to get from one destination to another with less stress.

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