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Make Travel to Romania Easier with a Chauffeur Service

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

travel to Romania

Whether you travel to Romania for fun or business, hiring a professional chauffeur can make the trip more comfortable and relaxing. Romania is a nation steeped in history and tradition that can be better explored with the help of a personal driver. If hitting up modern clubs and restaurants is more your thing, then they’ll certainly be able to help out with that too. Many great experiences await, and here’s what hiring a private chauffeur will be able to provide for you.

Tackling Your Schedule

From the moment you arrive in the country to the moment you leave, your chauffeur will be able to help you stay on top of your itinerary. With their expertise, every minute (from picking you up at the airport until they drop you off) will be on schedule. Trust their help and punctuality to satisfy your schedule’s needs.

Professional and Impressive Appearance

Whether the chauffeur is taking you to a business meeting or the hottest nightclub, arriving with a professionally dressed driver in a beautiful, modern car is sure to turn heads. One look at a chauffeur’s fleet will show you what to expect before you arrive wherever you need to be. Take a glance at the vehicles a company like TRIPAVIP has on hand, and you’ll be wishing you could ride with them every day.

Respect and Privacy

A good chauffeur would never be disrespectful to their client or those accompanying them. Services that can be expected are: being greeted politely at every interaction, help with luggage or other bulky items, and the opening and closing of the car doors. Along with giving you the respect you deserve, drivers will be conscious of your privacy. What you say in the vehicle, who you travel with, and where you go to, will always be confidential out of respect for every client.

Providing Safety and Security on the Road

Driving in Romania can be challenging, and after looking at the U.S. Embassy's traffic safety page, you’ll understand why a chauffeur service is well worth the cost. Professional drivers in Romania know the roads, the routes, and the rules. Rather than attempting to take on the streets yourself, the clear choice for arriving safely at your destination is hiring a private driver with a proven track record.

Turning the Road Into an Office

When your private driver collects you to take you to your next destination, then their vehicle becomes an office on the road for you. Chauffeurs will be understanding of your work needs, keeping the car quiet while you handle business and driving you with as little interruption as possible while they get you safely to your next stop.

Knowledge of the Region

Having a local professional driver gives you advantages when it comes to tourist spots or the best hot spots the country has to offer. Some of the best parts of Romania may be hidden unless you hire a private driver that is knowledgeable about the entire area. History buffs will love the information and the ability to have their driver take them to historic destinations like Brasov, Bucharest and all the points in between.


Nothing is more relaxing than a well-maintained car driving you through the countryside. It’s no wonder children feel so relaxed and fall asleep so fast during car rides. As adults, we rarely get that feeling, so why not experience it again by hiring a professional driver? Traveling can be a stressful time. When you reach your destination, being able to relax in a clean and comfortable vehicle can de-stress the day instantly.

Cost Efficient

Whether you intend to rent a car yourself or use other modes of transportation to get from one place to another, you will have costs and fees that can pile up. Rental vehicles incur taxes, fuel costs, insurance and parking fees. Hiring your own chauffeur absorbs all of those extra charges into one bill that often is around the same amount you would pay otherwise. Thus, why not treat yourself to better transportation?

Special Event Services

If you’re planning a special event, a family gathering, work conference, wedding, etc. while in Romania, then using a car service can eliminate a ton of stress involved with the event. When you have multiple people to pick up, or you have to move from one location to another, hiring a professional driver will save you time. Your friends, family, and associates won’t need to wait for taxis or need confusing directions to get where they need to be. Including a driving service for your event will add a touch of class and ensure that you have one less worry.

The reasons for hiring a chauffeur service outweigh the reasons not to, especially when it comes to traveling to foreign destinations. Perhaps the chauffeur service is the reason itself to plan a trip Romania; to ride and see the beautiful country and all it has to offer. If nothing else, give it a try the next time you travel and judge for yourself during the experience.

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