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The price for this Bucharest city tour, themed “Communism Megalomania”, includes 2 visits: Ceausescu Palacethe Parliament and Primaverii PalaceCeausescu‘s Private Residence AND a Bucharest architecture tour by car: "The classic, the communist and the modern architecture tour"; you’ll see the difference between the Old and the New in Bucharest city architecture.

Around 5 hours.

See below the itinerary for Bucharest city tour - "Communism Megalomania"

  • "Palatul Parlamentului” (Casa Poporului) / Parliament Palace - the 2nd largest building in the world after The Pentagon, 2% bigger, in volume, than Keops Pyramid (!). 
    The Civic centre (most of the ministries) has been built around the Palace with the Unification Avenue (initially Victory of the Socialism — against whom?) — the broader and longer replica than the famous Champs Elysees in Paris.


  • "Casa Radio" / The Unfinished Radio House (on the shore of the Dambovita River); It was erected during the late 1980s by the Communist regime over the terrain which used to be the Bucharest Hippodrome before World War II, and was intended to serve as a museum of the Romanian Communist Party; The balcony (which no longer exists) of the unfinished building facing Stirbei Voda Street was used by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu on 23 August 1989 to watch the festivities marking Romania's National Day. It was the last Communist-style parade in Romania.


  • "Palatul Primaverii" / Primaverii Palace, Ceausescu's private residence. Primaverii Palace was built in the mid-60s, on a plot that was initially covering more than 14,000 sqm, and was enlarged in 1970-1971. The building’s architect was Aron Grimberg—Solari. Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu lived the last 25 years of their lives in this mansion, together with their children, Nicu, Zoe, and Valentin. The palace has 80 rooms decorated with silk wallpaper, wood paneling, paintings signed by famous Romanian painters, as well as other facilities such as a swimming pool and a cinema.

  • "Casa Presei Libere" / The Free Press House - the tallest in the city between 1956 and 2007; the construction began in 1952 and was completed in 1956. The building was named Combinatul Poligrafic Casa Scinteii “I. V. Stalin" and later Casa Scinteii (Scinteia was the name of the Romanian Communist Party's official newspaper). On 21 April 1960, a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin, made by Romanian sculptor Boris Caragea, was placed in front of the building. However, this statue was removed on 3rd of March 1990, following the Romanian Revolution of 1989. The statue's pedestal is still there.


  • "Piata Unirii" / Unification Square - one of the largest squares in central Bucharest; It is bisected by Unirii Boulevard, originally built during the Communist era as the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism, and renamed after the Romanian Revolution of 1989.


  • "Piata Universitatii” / University Square (the 0 km of the city), The place where all the major events happened in the last 20 years (December 1989 The Revolution, April 1990 the biggest anticommunism meeting after the revolution — "Mineriad" (the most violent mineriad, which happened on the 14 and 15 June 1990; the rest of Romania and the world watched the government television broadcasts of miners brutally grappling with students and other protesters), 2007 January joining in European Union)


  • "Academia Militara" / The Military Academy (1937 — 1939) - photo stops and History presentation at the Military Academy


  • "THE CLASSIC, THE COMMUNIST AND THE MODERN ARCHITECTURE TOUR" (by car) – this tour reveals the differences between the Old and the New in Bucharest architecture; we’ll also stop to see Ceausescu's tomb in Ghencea Cemetery

Included Services: Transportation, Driver / Professional Tour Guide, Entrance Fees: Parliament Palace and Primaverii Palace.

Photo stops by request! Photo tax is not included.

MUST HAVE: passport or ID document for the Parliament Palace visit.

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Reservation Line: (+4) 0723 666 050



The Free Press House Bucharest
The Military Academy Bucharest
Radio House Bucharest
University Square Bucharest
Primaverii Palace Bucharest
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