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This Dracula Tour includes 3 visits: The Princely Court of Basarab I, Curtea de Arges Monastery and Dracula’s Real Fortress in Poienari

Day Trip (10-12 hours) from Bucharest.

See below the itinerary for Dracula Tour -  The Real Fortress

  • "Bucuresti" / Bucharest - the capital city of Romania, first mentioned in documents as early as 1459

  • "Pitesti" - the earliest traces of human settlements in this area relate to the Paleolithic

  • "Curtea de Arges" and The Royal Tombs — Curtea de Arges is one of the oldest cities in Romania; According to tradition, it was founded early in the 13th century by Negru Voda (or Radu Negru), succeeding Câmpulung as capital of Wallachia. Hence its name "Curtea" meaning The Court. The city is the site of several medieval churches (among them the Curtea de Arges Cathedral), having been a bishopric since the close of the 18th century. The most important church is the Biserica Domneasca / Royal Church (1352) built by Basarab I, completely renovated in 2003-2004. lt resembles a stone fortress, connected through catacombs to a guard tower on a nearby hill. Ruins of the Prince's Palace Complex are still visible. One of the most enduring and famous Romanian legends, the legend of Mesterul Manole, is related to the monastery's construction "Manastirea Curtea de Arges" / Curtea de Arges Monastery (it resembles a very large and elaborate mausoleum, built in Byzantine style, with Moorish arabesques). One tablet records that the founder was Prince Neagoe Basarab I (1512-1521); another that Prince loan Radu completed the work in 1526; a third describes the repairs executed in 1681 by Prince Serban Cantacuzino; a fourth, the restoration, in 1804, by Joseph, the first bishop.

  • "Cetatea Poienari" / Poienari Fortress (1457) - also known as Poienari Citadel, the fortress is built on a canyon formed on the Arges River valley, close to the Fagaras Mountains. lt stands on a cliff, on the right side of the Transfagarasan road which climbs high into the mountains. Poenari Castle is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. lt was erected around the beginning of the 13th century by the first Romanian rulers in the South region of Romania, known as Wallachia.

  • "Barajul Vidraru" - Vidraru Dam & manmade Lake - built in 1965 on the Arges River; it is an arch dam built on a foundation of rock in order to produce hydroelectricity. The dam construction has also created a reservoir, Lake Vidraru; at the completion date, it ranked 5th in Europe and 9th in the world.

Included Services: Transportation, Driver / Professional Tour guide, Entrance Fees to the mentioned locations.

Lunch is not included! Photo tax is not included!

Recommended departure at 7:45 am.

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Vidraru Dam
Poienari Fortress
Curtea de Arges Monastery
Pitesti City
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