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Transportation in Bucharest - The Largest Transport Network in Romania

transport network

Bucharest has one of the most extensive transport networks in Europe. It has multiple connection points for two independent transport networks, and these two networks are also run by two different organizations. Thus, the ticketing systems are different. The coverage is extensive and covers a lot of areas within the city and the outskirts.

You Can Take the Buses and Trams

Bucharest is known for having hundreds of trolleybuses. And there are also about a dozen trams and all of these services every vicinity of the city. You would be surprised, however, that most of these are crowded all the time. Most of its residents prefer to be close to the door, so everyone is going to cram. In a situation like this, you need to be on alert and also keep a close watch on your personal belongings.

These buses and trams come and go at irregular intervals, sometimes starting at 4:30 in the morning and up to as late as 10:00 in the evening. Then, the night buses will take over. All these routes start from Piata Unirii.

You Can Take the Metro

The metro lines of Bucharest has a total of four lines. The fifth one has been under construction for a long time. The first metro opened in 1979 but as of today, some of the wagons are shabby and need serious maintenance or refurbishment. Most of the trains are fairly new, though, and the transportation is reliable, and the cost is affordable. One thing to keep in mind is the north to the south route of the M2 line. It gets quite crowded in the morning and during rush hours. The metro starts operations from 5:00 in the morning and ends at 11:00 in the evening.

You Can Take the Train

Romania has several trains that are more than 20 years old. Many of them are in worn condition, and the railways and its systems are out of date. Though they are still functional, and while many parts of Romania no longer get serviced, Bucharest does. The services can be slow and unreliable. Add extra time to your commute and know the schedules before you rely on taking the train in Bucharest.

You Can Use Rideshare or Taxi

Just like any city, there are well-established ridesharing companies in Bucharest. These are great alternatives to the metro and the buses or trams. The taxis should be carefully watched to ensure they are in good shape. The standard price of a ride-hailing service is about 1.39 lei per kilometer. Before you go to Bucharest, it makes perfect sense to plan for how you will get around.

Always pay attention to the prices shown on the door of a taxi. Just like any government, there should be a single, unified price. And pay what is on the meter. Always have a hotel representative or concierge call you a cab. Often locals know who to contact because they only do business with legitimate and honest cab companies.

Hire a Limo Service

Hiring a limousine service is probably the most comfortable and reliable way to get around in Bucharest. A reputable driver will pick you up and take you exactly where you want to go. The drivers know the area, so you don't get lost. Plus, the vehicles are well-kept, and you feel at ease during your ride through Romania.

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