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Eight Amazing Things to Do in Bucharest and Create Memories

things to do in Bucharest

When you take a trip to Bucharest, there are certain things that you want to be sure not to miss. It's a great location when you're looking for something both different and authentic. It's essential to plan your trip ahead of time so that you don't miss the most significant things that the city has to offer. Consider eight of the many amazing things to do in Bucharest. 1. Check out the Palace of the Parliament The Palace of the Parliament, or the House of the People, is indeed a sight to see. It has more than 1,000 rooms that house some of the most elegant hand-made decorations as well as 700 crystal chandeliers. The ornaments feature marble, gold, and hardwood. There is also an anti-nuclear shelter and escape tunnels. You can visit daily between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. 2. Check out Old Paris Before World War II, Bucharest's nickname was the "Paris of the East." During this time, the architecture and art nouveau palaces were reminiscent of Paris, France. Much of the old city was brought down by communist misrule as well as an earthquake that hit in 1977. Despite that, you can still see spots where the former elegance of the city shines through. Visit the Cismigiu Gardens at the center of the town. This beautiful park has a lake as well as wrought-iron signposts and benches. Herastrau Park is another excellent place to visit. 3. Eat Some Great Food There are many options when it comes to dining. The best dishes are based on traditional recipes and made using local and organic ingredients. Sarmale are cabbage rolls that are stuffed with spiced minced beef and pork. These are often paired with cornmeal porridge topped with sheep's cheese or sour cream. Taste the cabbage rolls at Caru' cu Bere or the veal and pork at Lacrimi si Sfinti. The covrigi is also worth a taste. It is a soft pretzel that is topped with either salt or poppy seeds. There are also many pastry options in the city. The Dobrogeana, or cheese pie, and apple strudels are delicious. 4. Check out the Village Museum There are over 53,000 objects in the Village Museum. It is made of both interior spaces as well as an open-air section. It has over 300 monuments. There are traditional houses as well as old wooden churches. It is located in Bucharest's largest park, Herastrau. You can visit Wednesday through Sunday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 5. Party in the Old City The historic core of Bucharest has gotten a makeover, and the name no longer does it justice. There used to be metalworking as well as horseshoeing shops in this area. These days, it is the go-to district for clubs, bars and cafes. This is a great place to go if you want active nightlife. Bicicleta is an excellent location for drinks. La Muse and Mojo are perfect for clubbing, and they both have all-night DJ danceathons. 6. Learn about Bram Stoker's Inspiration Behind Dracula Bucharest has ties to Vlad Tepes, who was a bloodthirsty prince during the fifteenth century. He is also known as Vlad III or Vlad the Impaler. He is associated with many gruesome events that earned him the nickname. This includes a legend where he invited hundreds of Wallachia's boyars (who opposed him) to a banquet. During this banquet, he knew they would challenge his authority, so he had them stabbed and impaled on spikes. Vlad is buried just 25 miles north of Bucharest in an isolated island monastery in the middle of Lake Snagov houses. You can visit Snagov by a minibus, or you can choose to go in style with one of our chauffeur or limousine services. 7. Check out the Bellu Cemetery The Bellu Cemetery is a worthwhile stop during your trip. There are magnificent outdoor tombs as well as funeral sculptures. Many of these statues were completed by famous artists. Close to 200 of them are listed as historical monuments. While it's natural to want to take pictures while sightseeing, you cannot do that in the cemetery unless you have written permission to do so.

8. Take a Walk

Bring your walking shoes to traverse the 2.7 kilometers of Victoriei Avenue. This is a great way to see the main historical and cultural attractions of the capital. You can see the National Museum of History, the Military Palace, CEC Palace, the National Museum of Art and the Cantacuzino Palace. It's also a great place to start the exploration of Bucharest that's off the traditional paths. The cross streets also have old monuments and houses that you can see as well. Enjoy your time in Bucharest with the great attractions listed above! Thank you for reading our blog! How can we help you? Contact us today.



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